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Love Tacos? Make Them for Dessert!

Kids love tacos for dinner — so why stop serving them when dinner is over? Take everything you love about tacos (the delicious shells, the versatile fillings and the customizable toppings) and bring them to dessert! You’ll love the crafty creativity that goes into making them, and the whole family …

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Ooey-Gooey Cookie Dough Egg Rolls

Who doesn’t love sweets and fried food?! Well, combine the two and you get a match made in heaven. In essence this recipe follows the example of deep-fried fair food, however, instead of coating the cookie dough in a batter mixture, you’re blanketing it with an egg roll wrapper.  Served …

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The Cheesy, Eggy Flatbread That Every Brunch Needs

Have you ever heard of khachapuri? This unique cheese-and-egg bread is the national dish of Georgia (the country, not the state), and it is absolutely delicious. This recipe is easy and yields extremely flavorful results. A simple, leavened, pizza-like dough is stretched, but then instead of being topped with tomato …

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Three Rules to Perfect Pie Crust

Juicy, fruity pie in a crisp, buttery crust is enough to set any mouth watering. Yet even many experienced bakers get a little nervous at the prospect of handling, rolling and shaping homemade pastry. And for every “expert” you ask, you’ll get a dozen pie crust tips and countless points …

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